January 31,2015

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Solid Hoop Cello Pans

The Cello Pans provide a warm, rich sound in the ensemble that fills out the lower register above the Bass Pans, somewhat similar to the Tenor voice in a choir.

With our advance geometry, custom steel, and unique note sizes our Cello pans have the fullest, richest sound you could wish to hear. Many of us at Panyard, Inc. believe that these instruments have the loveliest sound of all the voices of the steel orchestra.

Triple Cello

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Four Cello

We offer a Triple Cello and a Four Cello. The Triple Cello layout is based on diminished chords, while the Four Cello is based around augmented chords.

Triple Cello Layout

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Four Cello Layout

Our Four Cello design is specifically configured to give the player ease of movement through both melodic passages and strumming patterns. The Triple Cello combined with the Panyard Series High Triple Stand affords unprecedented comfort as a strumming instrument.

Triple Cello : $6,495.00
Four Cello : $8,495.00

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Stands and cases sold separately.

Stand options for Triple Cello pans:

Case options for Triple Cello Pans:

Stand options for Four Cello pans:

Case options for Four Cello Pans:

Customer Responses

I have to say you guys are really on top - I recently got to hear one of your Solid Hoop pans up-close and I was totally amazed. You guys are true artists of the pan and have really taken it to the breaking point where everyone else needs (to) and should take the step to step up.

I just want to congratulate all of you at Panyard, Inc. on your hard work and drive for the artform. Hats off to each and every one of you in Akron.

- Kali McDade

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